July 18, 2016
WaBots, Inc.
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Vie is a handy and powerful media controller app based on DLNA and UPnP technologies.

Vie is a dollar app that allows you to pick media stored on computers and storage devices in your house or stored on the Internet, and play it to DLNA capable TVs, audio receivers or picture frames. It is:

  • The perfect tool for the media enthusiasts that store content on devices in their home.
  • A handy media controller that can pick content from anywhere and play it on media devices on the local network.

Vie is optimized to enhance the media enthusiasts’ experience. It has advanced logic to match media content format with device capabilities to increase the chances of successful playback.

Vie will be available on Microsoft Windows Store in the next several weeks. In the mean time you can read more about Vie on the product page.