To “Buy” or “Do not buy”? – That is the question!

CarBux – Do not close the deal without it!™

CarBux overview and recommendation To buy or not to buy?

CarBux makes it super simple. Clear recommendation helps the buyer to strike the deal when negotiations hit the sweet spot.

There is a lot to consider while under pressure. Car dealers are trained to separate the buyers from their money. Dealers do that for a living more than once a day.

Trained salesman apply and use aggressive techniques like the 4 square. What chance the unprepared shopper has without any tools to track and understand all this? Tweaking small amount here and a bit more over there might seem harmless. However, what the dealer is doing is known as “stick them on the ceiling and then peal them off” or simply “stick and slide”. At the end the poor buyer is stuck with uncomfortable car payment for several years.

What if the shopper had a tool to track the deal dynamics in real time? CarBux analyzers if properly fed with data do exactly that, track the deal and let the shopper know when the deal looks good and when to walk away.

CarBux may save a novice car shopper hundreds or even thousands on a deal. Check the widget out! Simple! It look like a speedometer…

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